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YallaCode & Academic Institutions

 YallaCode’s platform was designed by world class educators in New Zealand.
 The platform integrates with all major curricula : UK, US, IB, NZ, Canada, and others.
 The platform has been adopted by over 1,000 academic institutions both public and private covering grades K-12 and first year university.
 The courses are designed to progressively take students from learning basic coding level to an advanced level.
 The Platform is used by over one million students across New Zealand, Australia, USA, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Portugal, and the Netherlands.
 YallaCode’s integration team will work closely with each academic institution to identify the best approach suitable for that institution’s code learning needs.
 In addition to the embedded teacher’s tools and resources YallaCode’s integration team will provide the necessary teacher’s training to familiarize them with platform
    tools and capabilities.
 YallaCode will also work along and advise Ministry of Education for a national rollout plan of code learning in public schools and other government sponsored
    academic institutions.

Public Schools

Private Schools


Why learn with YallaCode?

Perfect for Beginners

Students learn the 'what' and 'why' with carefully sequenced lessons and gradual progression of difficulty.

Gamified Learning

Our code challenges, quizzes, points, badges and bonus games make learning fun for all ages.

Real World Projects

Students build their own apps, games and websites as they learn. Seamlessly integrates into your school curriculum with any subject.

Class Progress Reports

You can easily identify students that need support thanks to live updates of each student's progress.

Lesson Plans and Assessments

Streamline your preparations with our lesson plans, supplementary notes, and assessment resources.

Teacher Training

Our platform is rich with teacher dedicated tools and resources.

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